FactsWise Multiply/Divide Resources

Free Multiply/Divide Preview Online Course for Educators


This free preview is for educators (teachers, homeschoolers, ...) who want to learn about a simple yet remarkably engaging and effective approach to building multiplication and division facts fluency and number sense. It includes the complete FactsWise introduction as well as the chapters that will allow you to implement the Goal 1 mini-lessons for both multiplication and division. 

Free Preview

Online Course for Educators FactsWise Multiply/Divide


This course provides everything you need to know to engage your students in hands-on activities and investigations of patterns and strategies that lead to confidence and facts fluency. It also includes the Multiply/Divide Resource Book plus many more blackline masters and over 3 hours of screencasts and videos that show you how simple it is to teach and assess facts fluency.

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FactsWise Multiply/Divide Resource Book


 The Multiply/Divide Resource Book includes a complete introduction to the FactsWise teaching, learning and assessment principles. It also includes mini-lesson plans and blackline masters for the entire school year as well as formative and one-on-one assessment resources. This book is included in the Online Course for Educators, but can also be purchased separately here. 

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Mini-Lessons for Classrooms FactsWise Multiply/Divide


 These classroom mini-lessons are designed for you to share with your students and most often include a video or screencast. After these online introductions, you as the classroom teacher will continue the lesson with manipulatives, games, strategy share-outs and closures. 

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Goal-by-Goal Blackline Masters FactsWise Multiply/Divide


 This resource is included as a free download in the complete Online Course (see above). It contains over 300 pages of  blackline masters for extra game cards and representations that teachers have requested over the years. You can purchase it separately here.

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